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"My mission and purpose in this ministry is to create music with words that preach Apostolic truths bringing hope and peace to a troubled life.  It is my desire to encourage the discouraged, to give hope to the hopeless situation, to spark strength to take just one more step in this journey called life.  If I can build faith in your heart to KNOW- God is in control and loves you more than you could ever understand,  I will have fulfilled my purpose in life." 


Sharing the Love of God

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Country Genre

  • Born Again
  • Are You Washed
  • Power in the Blood
  •  Heaven Bound Medley
  •  I Thank God When He Saved me
  •  Standing on the Promises
  • Thank God for the Blood
  • Everybody will be Happy Over There
  • In the City Where the Lamb is the Light 

 Easy Listening  

  • Unconditional Love
  • Crashing Thunder
  • What a Friend
  • On a Hill far Away
  • Just a Closer Walk
  • You Can Make it 
  • Wedding Bells
  • I Cry Holy
  • Latin Beat: Jesus Knows What’s Best for me
  • Love Lifted me
  • Blessed Assurance
  • Jesus cares for You  

Rock n Roll/ Jazz /Contemporary 

  • This Train
  • I Ani't Givin Up
  • You Don't Know Like I Know
  • This World Is Not My Home
  • The Lily of the Valley
  •  Ani't no Mountain to High
  • Fill My Way With Love
  • Oh I Want to see Him
  • Redeemed 

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You Don't Know

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EXCITING NEWS....Inspiring, faith building videos NOW AVAILABLE!!! on You Tube @ Redeeming Love Music Ministries

The cost of recording studios, music engineers  recording musicians   and other ministries expenses are ever rising.  There is no funding available other than your generosity.  We depend solely on people with a burden for the betterment of the Kingdom of God.  Even a 1.00 can have a major impact.  Thank you in advance for your prayers  first and foremost  and much needed donations.

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Big Band, Jazz and Swing

Country Gospel

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60's Rock N Roll/Disco/Contemporary

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Thoughts for Today, Home and Foreign Mission Projects and New Releases

can i make a difference

The commandment was to go into all the world and preach the gospel.  Yes I can make a difference. I can go into all the world through prayer. On my knees  I can lift the hands of a weary missionary. On my knees I can stand in the gap  for a lost soul; on  my knees I can be used of God to stop the powers of hell.  Yes each and everyone of us CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! 

New Songs on the Way

I designed this web site to be a blessing to all.  This is why I decided not just to sell down loads of songs but to allow unlimited full streaming of each song.  Our new song about to be released is Jesus Knows What's Best For Me.  So many times in our lives we simply  don't understand why we are going through what we are going through; however Jesus Knows What's best for me. Your  donation, no matter how small can make this happen.

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gfm modern recording Studio

Nic and Brian really know how to put the WOW in your recordings that set you apart from the crowd.  For that "BIG NAME" Nashville quality at an affordable price contact them TODAY!  They did it for me and they will do it for you!!!  Ask about their 10 block of time special 

Reaching the World One Soul at a Time

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